Jump Tower  |  Martin Army Community Hospital  |  Fort Benning, GA

Fort Benning is home to the US Army Airborne School, or Jump School, where all basic paratrooper training occurs. This 60’, 3-story tall sculpture is half wall mounted and half suspended from the air to illustrate the height of the jump towers used in training and the act of the paratroopers floating down to earth. To mount this to the wall location, a special 80’ atrium lift was required. With great care not to damage the interiors, the lift was operated for one week to mount and assemble the large sculpture. The hanging “parachute” elements integrated with the existing light features and special armature was designed to install the tower features. This work, which is visible from all areas of the main foyer of 4 levels of the hospital, serves as a celebration of the US Paratroopers through history and community of Fort Benning that serves them.