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John Knott specializes in dimensional art design, fabrication, and installation. His site-specific contemporary sculptures are designed to convey a story or emotion the client wants to express. Drawing inspiration from the environment and technology, John has a unique ability to combine natural and mechanical elements. He has embraced new technologies such as CNC 3D routing and 3D printing and strives to combine them with tradition sculpting methods to create his own style.


John studied both art and architecture at the University of Houston and has over 30 years of experience designing and fabricating artwork, furniture, and exhibits. In addition to his original artwork, John is able to manufacture designs from drawings for clients, including architects, designers, and art consultants. His impeccable craftsmanship allows him to help his clients realize their vision on any scale and with any material. He has also served as an installation manager for large and monumental on-site works that are both his designs and collaborations with other artists.


John’s artwork has been featured in galleries in Houston and permanent collections throughout the United States.


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